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My tax promise to Calgarians:

  1. Keep tax increase at or below inflation. I pledge that I will not increase property taxes greater than inflation.
  2. No more taking the tax room. I will never vote in favour of taking the provinces’ tax space.

  3. No new taxes. Regardless of what authority the new city charter gives the Mayor, I will not support any new fee or tax.


Changing the way we tax small businesses:

We used to rely on big companies, especially the oil and gas sector to shoulder a large part of our non-residential property tax. With the economic downturn, that revenue can no longer be relied upon, pushing more of the non-residential tax burden to small business.

We need to:

Create specific categories for different types of businesses (ie. restaurants, small and large businesses) to minimize the shift in taxes from one sector to another.

What this means to small business owners is that during tough economic times their incremental tax burden would be lessened regardless of what occurs in non-residential sectors. They would not see a huge increase year over year which they are currently experiencing.



I have been recognized as a fiscally responsible and detail oriented member of Council. I am proud of my record, I always show up with ideas on how to trim back and be more efficient.

Municipal governments are challenged in delivering services to their residents due to the limited options to raise revenue. The bulk of the City’s revenue is raised through property tax, user fees and investment income. Sixty per cent of that revenue is spent on the City’s operating costs for salaries. 

  • I will call for restraint in future union salary increase to reflect our current economic reality and work towards achieving greater parity between private and public sector agreements.

  • I will balance needs for service while being fiscally responsible.

  • I commit to hiring subject matter experts in different fields, within the Mayor’s budget, to assess the efficiency of city departments to bring forward recommendations to improve the operational efficiency of The City.



Council’s focus needs to be on building what we can afford, but also planning for the future. Major infrastructure projects like the Green Line are a great idea, but we don’t have the money to do it all at once. 

With new technology like autonomous vehicles hitting the market in the near future, we need to reassess our priorities to ensure that we can move people as efficiently as possible. We need to focus on improving existing infrastructure to respond to the increasing demand for private transportation, instead of focusing the priority solely on public transportation.

As Mayor, I will continue to advocate for investments in public transportation and reprioritize the upgrades to current infrastructure and intersections to ease traffic congestion. 


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