Chabot calls Nenshi’s CalgaryNEXT comments a “breach of process”

Calgary,Alberta / News Talk 770 (CHQR)
  | Last Updated: March 29, 2017 11:53 pm

According to city councillor-turned-candidate for mayor Andre Chabot, Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s prognosis for the CalgaryNEXT and West Village projects being “dead” is a “breach of process.”


“The current Mayor violated disclosure terms of an in-camera meeting,” Chabot said in a blog post on Wednesday.

In an interview with News Talk 770, Chabot elaborated, saying Nenshi’s comments are not reflective of the direction council has given publicly on the CalgaryNEXT file.

“If you’re going to represent council’s opinion, then it should only be reflective of what whatever’s been made public,” said Chabot.

In a tweet earlier in the week, Chabot called the comments “another [example] of the mayor’s arrogance.”

“To get out in front of an issue and make it seem as though it’s a decision you can unilaterally make suggests that you have authority to make those kinds of decisions.”

“Whatever decisions are made, they are not made by any one member of council – the mayor or otherwise. They’re made as a body, and only council can make those decisions.”

On Twitter, Nenshi responded to Chabot’s allegations of violating council in-camera rules, saying he has been making comments about CalgaryNEXT publically for months.

Meanwhile, Chabot disagrees with Nenshi’s assertion that the CalgaryNEXT project is dead.

“I don’t think that anything that’s envisioned for this city is dead,” said Chabot. “The question comes down to how is it going to get financed?” 

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