Andre Chabot accuses Mayor Nenshi of spilling closed-door secret on arena project

Statement that CalgaryNEXT proposal is dead was only his opinion, says mayor


Councillor and mayoral candidate Andre Chabot said Mayor Nenshi violated terms of disclosure for an in-camera meeting when he said the plan for CalgaryNEXT was dead.

The election is still half a year away, but the gloves may have already come off in the battle for mayor between two of the leading candidates.

In a blog post on his election website, Coun. Andre Chabot accused Mayor Naheed Nenshi of violating the disclosure terms of an in-camera meeting when he said Monday the CalgaryNEXT proposal is dead.

“He unilaterally came out with a statement based on a project that was considered to be one of two options (…) which hadn’t been concluded and no decision had been made by council – at least not publicly,” said Chabot.

When asked if the cat has now been let out of the bag about a decision made in-camera, Chabot said he really can’t say.

“All I can say is, he made a comment that wasn’t even an opinion. It was an arbitrary, definitive statement about a project," said Chabot. "There was no direction from council to publicly make a comment to that effect.”

Metro contacted the mayor’s office for a response. Staff said he was unavailable for comment, but Nenshi did join the fray on twitter, saying it was his opinion and that he has been stating that same opinion for months now. 


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