Let’s choose to make this the Calgary you know it can be. On Oct. 16, 2017 vote Andre Chabot For Mayor !

Meet Andre

Andre Chabot has been working to make his community better for his entire adult life. Prior to winning election as Ward 10 City Councilor in February 2005, Andre was active in the Marlborough Park Community Association, the Greater Forest Lawn Enhancement Committee, the Triple A Land Use Team, Block Watch and Hub Oil Stakeholders Committee...
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UNTIL OCT. 16, 2017

Why I'm Running

Hi, I’m Councillor Andre Chabot – and I’m excited to officially announce my candidacy for Mayor in this fall’s municipal election. I am proud to have served Calgary as City Councillor for Ward 10 these past 12 years, but now it’s time for a change...
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5010 MacLeod Trail SW, Calgary AB, T2G 0A8